I’ve found myself busy these past few months with work, classes, volunteering, family, and everyday life.  A lot of my time has been spent studying and preparing for the European Master Certification (EMC) program, taught by Tomas de Bruyne and faciliated by Hitomi Gilliam.  Back in November I blogged about Part I of this three-part series, where we learned design theory in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.  After an information-filled week, we headed home to await instructions for the next part.

These past few months, many of us have been diligently working on Part II of the program: designs and nomenclature.  This was a self-study portion that sounded like a piece of cake when I first read about it, but the nomenclature was a lot of work!  We had to select 100 flowers, 100 plants, and 50 foliages from a given list and provide botanical name, common names, family name, descriptions of the plant/flower/leaves, and care/handling information for each.  I’ve taken some classes at CCSF on cut flower and plant identification/care, so the process was familiar to me.  But the volume was beyond what we had in class and it took quite some time to complete.  Thankfully I finished in time for the April 15 deadline.

The design portion of Part II was a little easier.  If you’ve been following the EMC page on Facebook, you may have seen a flurry of designs posted by those of us in the program.  We had to create/analyze four designs, and provide analysis for another designer’s work.  Then we had to post everything on the EMC Facebook page for comment and feedback (gulp).  The required designs were:  a wired bridal bouquet, a wired corsage, a hand-tied bouquet using the spiral method, and a designer’s choice arrangement.  Our analysis of each design had to include the classifications we learned in Part I of the program, as well as a materials list, mechanics, and techniques used.  It was great seeing the variety created by each student.  Some students even did several designs per category:  good on ya!

So where are we now?  Well, for those of us who completed Part II, we are gearing up for the final stretch.  Yes, the day has come for us to head to Bruges, Belgium for Part III. I know…..poor us.  It’ll be five days of more theory and practice, with a day-trip to Paris, a final examination, and (hopefully) graduation.  I will also be heading to the Floriade, and will be meeting up with family to tour around Berlin and southern Germany afterwards.  I’m so excited about the entire trip!  And of course I’ll be blogging about it all, so stay tuned for flower updates and photos from Belgium!