Okay, okay….so I’m a little behind in my blog posts.  Fine, I’m seven months behind, but who’s counting?  😉

My last post in May 2012 alluded to my trip to Belgium, the Floriade, Paris, Germany, and a whole laundry list of things that I had planned to do and see.  I’m happy to report that it all happened, and I do plan to blog about all of it…or as much of it as I can remember.  You see, two months ago my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our lives and my memory during the pregnancy is a little spotty.  So bear with me on these next few posts because they may contain more photos than descriptions.

Floriade 2012So today’s post is about my trip to the Floriade.  It officially closed down October 2012, but you can visit vicariously through my photos.  Now for those of you in the “know,” the Floriade is a once-every-ten-years World Horticulture Expo that takes place somewhere in the Netherlands.  In 2012, Floriade was in agricultural area of Venlo in Western Netherlands, near the Dutch/German border.  Over 100 international designers displayed their talents, new products, and horticulture developments in the form of sample gardens, pavilions, and wooded areas encompassing 66 hectares (163 acres). There were five themed worlds: World Show Stage, Environment, Green Engine, Relax & Heal, and Education & Innovation.  Most of the exhibits were sample gardens showcasing horticultural design, innovation, and sustainability.

As a floral designer, the main draw for me was Villa Flora in the Green Engine section of the expo.  Housed in an environmentally sustainable glass pavilion were thousands of flowers and plants in a rotating exhibition.  There were beds of colorful and variegated foliage, miniature succulent gardens, potted palms, and other tropical varieties.  In addition to plants and flowers, Villa Flora displayed large-scale floral arrangements using cut flowers and/or living plants.

Although my focus was Villa Flora, the weather was gorgeous and so I visited the other areas throughout the Floriade.  Here are some pics of my lovely day:

Indian garden Florals in awesome containers Floral display with colorful construction armature Floral display with rods and suspended glass containers Tropicals Large-scale construction with orchid plants Gorgeous! Woven cane Love the twisty planters Rows of Bromeliads Beautiful colors Barrel cacti Artificial "trees" with colorful basket planters Panels of florals Another great construction armature Sample garden in World Show Stage Belgium Pavilion in World Stage Sample gardens in Environment (from the tram) Tunisian garden