While  in Bruges, our EMC class had the opportunity to visit the local decorating/floral supply wholesaler, Van der Vennet.  Floral designers in the States have seen and heard of the amazing hard goods that they have in Europe that, for some strange reason, we can’t get or are difficult to procure.  This place was huge and had so many cool things displayed in so many cool ways.  I could have dropped a few grand easily, but I restrained myself and settled on some purple felt ribbon that fit nicely into my suitcase. We asked….they don’t ship to the States 😦

For my fellow floral designers, here are some photos of our field trip (excuse the quality, I had to use my phone):

IMG_1080 IMG_1079 IMG_1078 IMG_1076 IMG_1074 IMG_1073 IMG_1071 IMG_1070 IMG_1069 IMG_1068 IMG_1065 IMG_1064 IMG_1063 IMG_1062 IMG_1061